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If you are the editor of a blog, or writing a novel, or even a family member who loves to write the family newsletter then you will probably spend some time looking for apps.  Whether you have an ipad, kindle, nook, some other tablet , laptop or phone, an app for writing seems to be a “need” to put on your portable device.  Why?  Because in my case when inspiration hits I am sitting in a waiting room with time to kill and my pen has done  a vanishing act. What do we, as writers, with no pen and paper?  We turn to our device in hand and use the notes app and try to type out the idea that popped into our head.  Problem solved right?

But what if you are sitting at the computer and just typing and typing and you want a little help in something specific you are writing? Most people will now turn to an editorial app.  I have one on my phone called  “Lists for Writers” and I love it for what it can do.  I do not use it for technical writing or on research papers.  I use it only for creative writing.  This is the apps main function because it lists characters names, physical characteristics words, occupational words, thought words, personality behavior words, plots, settings, genres, and so forth.  This app would be useless in any other form but to help a writer with a novel.

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So here is a list of apps for writers who need a little help, or umph, in their story telling:

lists for writers1. Lists for Writers- on the App store ($2.99): Great lists of words for writers.


editor2. Editorial- on the App store ($6.99): Great reviews and has a lot of plain text editorial help.


dropbox3. Dropbox – on the App store (Free): Stores all your docs, pics and videos like the Cloud.


mindly4. Mindly -on the App store (Free): You create whatever you want with this app.  It organizes all your ideas for you.


writing aid5. Writing Aid – on the App store and only for iphone ($.99): Like Writer Lists but has a dictionary and synonyms or words instead of just a list.


c w b6. Creative Writing Bundle – on the App store ($7.99): Great idea for writers because it comes with four apps; Lists for Writers, Story Dice, Story Spark, and Spooky Story Dice. All of these apps are great for getting your creative juices flowing.


For those using the Kindle or android device here is another comparable list:

story7. Story Plot Generator– on Google play ($.99): Great for the very creative writer in all the different genres and in the four key parts of any story (location, detail, complication and objective)


ideas8. Ideas for Writing – on Amazon ($1.99): Great for helping someone with writers block.  Prompts and help along the journey of writing.


writing spot9. My Writing Spot – on Amazon ($2.99): This very handy app lets you write anywhere you are at, sync your documents with a free online app, tracks your lists of things to do, and has a dictionary and thesaurus.


draft10. Draft – on Google play ($3.49): Lets you create and edit your drafts and store them in easy to access folders. Smart Markdown bar lets you edit easily.



This list will give most writers an idea of what the world has to offer in all different forms for your devices. So if you have an iphone, ipad, android device, Kindle or laptop, you can research and read different reviews about these apps to find some that will fit your writing style.

After writing this post I think I might just be downloading a few more apps for my own devices.

Happy writing!


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