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The Ultimate Guide on How to Improve Your Writing Through Reading:

How is your reading and writing going?

Choosing the Right Books to Read to Enhance Writing Skills:

Some of the books an author should be reading is the genre they are writing. But it can become somewhat tiresome. I enjoy many different genres to read and feel that learning should be ever ongoing. I will read fiction and nonfiction. Adult and children’s books. I will also read educational books which teach writing skills. All of these books are good and help a writer improve their skills.

Developing Your Own System of Taking Notes While Reading to Help with Writing Projects:

One aspect to keep in mind while you read is to take notes. These notes do not need to be lengthy but should include where you found the advice or writing technique from. I have made the mistake of taking notes from some of the books I have read and forgot to write down where I saw the writing technique. Sometimes keeping track of where you found your information is helpful when looking back at the notes. Note-taking is a great way to organize your thoughts on what you find helpful for your writing. Logging what you read and when is also helpful because this allows you to see what you enjoyed about the book also.

Start Using the Power of Reading Today To Take Your Writing to the Next level:

Many authors who I have spoken to will either stay away from reading the genre they read in or they will delve into it and take notes. But reading anything helps keep an author’s mind on sentence structure, spelling, tone, and plot. These are needed to create a book worth reading. Happy reading!

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CeremonyCeremony by Leslie Marmon Silko
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A sad story told through a brave writer. Here is a peek into the Native Americans world and what they think of white people. I found the way Silko used lyrical pose to be very effective when she told the story of the Gods that needed to be worshipped. Her voice is one you can never forget. Very philosophical and thought provoking.

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Today I actually wrote for a couple of hours on one of my unfinished novels.  I think the most rewarding thing about writing is how you feel when you create a new character or you finish a difficult spot.  Today I did both.  The only thing that was frustrating about it all was that I didn’t have enough time to write longer.  I am hoping I will have another day of just writing.  I have an outline but today for some reason my characters did something I wasn’t prepared for.  Which is okay.  Sometimes you just have to go with the flow of the story.  I think I read about some authors who don’t even use outlines.  Which I would probably go crazy trying to go rogue.  So I stick to the outline somewhat not for guidance but more for a suggestion of how the story should end.  This is the only method I like to use.  So far it seems to work.

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