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Odd Apocalypse (Odd Thomas, #5)Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz

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I really enjoy reading a Dean Koontz novel. And I especially enjoy the Odd Thomas series. Except for this last installment. There was no humor like the first books so this novel left a bad taste in my mouth. It was dark and dreary. Which I can understand just from reading the title. But there was no real happy ending, just a chapter closed, and the bad guys dead. The character Annamarie is still not resolved in this latest book. And Odd keeps hinting at the fact that we are reading his memoirs. So is he dead? When do we come to the conclusion of this monumental event?
The literature side left me wanting. I know I have seen some better writing and there were a few good lines in the book when Odd was reflecting on his situation and became philosophical. But overall the language of the bad guys and the few parts of the dialect were poor at minimum.
The plot was interesting but hard to understand until the very end when Koontz explains in more detail what the heck is going on. It took me longer to read because of a slow start and Odd always reflecting back to the past. Skip those parts and get right to the meat of the book. I wish I could have liked it more.

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Have you ever wondered how some authors have come up with their ideas?  I have and found that most just dream it up.  While others take from other authors and expand upon their ideas.  I think I have read more Terry Brooks, Brandon Mull, Angie Sage and Dean Koontz, when it comes to reading fantasy.  I like to read novels that parallel mine.  I know my novels are not published (yet) but they were written before I even read some of the books on my list of “read” for Goodreads.

I try to find time during the day to write a little.  Either I will work on editing or the storyline.  I am not an authors who sits in a cafe sipping coffee typing away on my laptop.  No I am just a mother, of several loud children, who tries to find time in the day when I am not interrupted and it is fairly quiet. I like to read a lot and sometimes I just read my own work to see how it flows.

There is a book written by Stephen King on how to write.  He explains his own writing process and I loved how he uses his own experiences for his inspiration behind his novels.  I wrote a couple of short stories for a children’s magazine and they were inspired by my children.  They were cute and short.  Perfect for a magazine.

My next goal in writing fantasy is to sometimes just take a break from it and come back when I feel refreshed.  Sitting for a long period of time in front of a computer doesn’t help and I end up feeling more frustrated.  It is all about trying to stay focused when your in the zone and then write until you can’t write anymore.


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