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Here is a letter I wrote to the NY Times editor:

Letters to the Editor
The New York Times
620 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10018

To the editor:

It was nice to see in the newspaper an article about small businesses. The article (Small Businesses Still Struggle, and That’s Impeding a Recovery, 2/13/13) was objective and informative. As a small business owner it is nice to gain some perspectives about where the economy is headed.

At one point you make the comment big companies are benefiting from being overseas while smaller businesses are “tied to the leaden domestic economy”. That is a fact we have seen since the Clinton administration. The tax laws benefit bigger companies more than smaller ones. There wasn’t enough information in the article about a solution to this problem.

Until the economy is on the right track we will see more and more small businesses close down. The only solution is to give tax breaks and benefits to small business owners. Any kind of incentive to stay in business in our country is good for the economy.


Jessica Wilson


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kindle-fire-ipad-22Well it’s a new year and time for changes.  For all those who are great at keeping resolutions, I applaud you.  I know some resolutions are hard to keep.  Right?  But this is the year to make the most important resolution stick.  Not like stick for a month or a few weeks.  I mean stick like super glue.  Stick like life changing stick.

So I have been reading up on publishers, independent publishers and companies who just help you self-publish.  And there is a change in the wind.  This could be the year where everything published is all self-published books and e-books.

I received a Kindle for Christmas and it has the coolest apps and software at a great price.  There is no reason why my manuscripts shouldn’t be on my e-book shelf.

So I am hard at work on the illustrations and wanting to get everything right.  I don’t want my first book to be a flop.

Here’s to hoping this is the year!


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