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Cold MountainCold Mountain by Charles Frazier
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I was really surprised by this novel. It was a masterpiece of words. There were unexpected twists and turns throughout the story and I was shocked that Frazier killed off one of the main characters. This book could stand the test of time and still be a jewel among other literary works.

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How have we become a society where we relish entertaining novels instead of novels with depth and character? Where have the Jack Londons, Thoreaus, and Mark Twains gone?

Cover of "Walden"

Cover of Walden

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.”- Henry David Thoreau
I read the novel “Into The Wild” by Jon Krakauer and loved it. He uses Thoreau’s Walden, Or Life In The Woods quotes throughout and brings more depth and understanding to the Romantic.
I have read chapters from Thoreau’s writings of the “Pond” and “Solitude”. We have a kinship for the love of nature.
Books today do not give a voice to nature or to the wild. Authors look to entertain and to make themselves immortal on paper. But what about nourishing the mind with spellbinding writing? Am I wrong to want more than entertainment?
I have fully engrossed myself in books, these last months, that will not only feed my mind but help me understand what “good” writing is.
Someone once said, “Writing is an art. It can be interpreted in many different ways. What may seem right to the author may look like gibberish to you.” I am sure there were people who thought Picasso’s work was of a deranged man too. My writing may not make sense to some, but to others who find it acceptable, I thank you.

I thank all the authors, who are gone or are still around, that contributed to inspiring all the great authors in the world today.

Cover of

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